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Being a recruit at a police academy is tremendously stressful. The grind of training takes its toll on recruits and many feel stressed. The Ohio Police Department is promoting a familiar method of stress relief: yoga. Yoga has been a tried and proven method of stress-relief for decades in the United States and nobody can use a bigger dose of stress relief than police academy recruits.
Relieving and eliminating stress will help recruits focus on training procedure and clear their minds. When the mind and bod conflict the body usually loses out; the Odio Polic …

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One of the most important members of any police force is the canine unit. The canines are taught to protect their handlers, search and rescue and bomb sniffing among many other obligations. Dogs will venture into harms way far quicker than their human handlers. They will sniff perspective bombs and will tail and flush out suspects with speed and great agility.
The New York State police will now graduate 20 members of the canine police academy, including the State Police and many other local police departments. Among the Graduate are  K-9 Mandin …

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Police officers come across many diverse groups of people while on the job. Police Academies attempt to train recruits on properly handling every group they may run into. Every group, religion and culture has their set of rules and sensitivities that makes dealing them properly a hard task that needs proper training.
The Fort Worth Police Academy wants to instill these cultural rules and behavior tactics in recruits while they’re still attending the academy. Classes are set up, comprised of citizens, where training officers try to glean as much information as …

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Police Academy recruits in Worcester, Massachusetts are not just training to become the state’s finest officers, they are already making a difference while still in training.  The police academy is teaching the recruits how making a difference in the community is not just through patrol and making arrests, but also about keeping the city clean.
Recruits were given the task of cleaning up Castle Park, a popular community park in Worcester. “These people see them out there. The residents see them out here. It looks good for everybody,” says Sgt. …

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The police academy builds the physiques of police recruits. It also builds their mind, mentally preparing them for the trials and tribulations that wearing the uniform brings. Perhaps, one of the most important members of any police academy are the clergy. These faith-based men and women can help police officers handle what life as a police officer throws at them.
A shoulder to cry on, or someone to consult in a time of need, the clergy works hand-in-hand with the department to build better officers. The clergy must learn what life …

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Graduating from the police academy is hard enough. Getting through the academics, the fitness tests, the rigorous training and exercises are exceedingly difficult. That is why graduating police officers are the cream of the crop. They are the ones who are cut above the regular people as they have overcome major academic and physical hurdles to get to where they are. 
There is a cut above them, though. These are the officers that graduate at the top of their class. These officers are the creme de la creme of the police academy. Police …

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When Birmingham Police Chief took A.C. Cook took office last year he promised three things: greet the recruits on their first day of the academy, personally teach them the ethics class himself, and run with them before they graduated.
The police chief is taking “boots on the ground” literally. A former Brigadier General, Cook is very involved with the police academy in all aspects. The run with academy recruits bolsters their confidence and gives the recruits reason to excel. Many police academies can learn from this hands-on approach to bolster the morale …

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Police Academies around the United States are having a very hard time recruiting new recruits. Even police academies who can afford to hire new officers despite worldwide budget cuts amid a declining economy, are finding it extremely difficult to recruit new officers.
Police departments are trying all measures to recruit new officers. The Albuquerque police academy is offering a $5,000 bonus to new recruits who graduate and $500 bonus to city employees who refer potential recruits to the academy. Hoping that a monetary bonus will do the trick, the Albuquerque Police …

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The Georgia County Police Academy is training for riots. When a crowd riots, all bets are off. It is impossible to follow regular police training procedure during a riot. First off, the police are facing a crowd of potential criminals. Secondly, the stakes are higher and the mood is tense and heated. Rioters are out to voice their displeasure and things escalate quickly. The Georgia County, Maryland Police Academy trains its recruits on proper riot control procedure and how to keep the crowd as peaceful as possible. 
Riots, or civil disobedience as it’s …

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 One of the most difficult parts of the police academy is the shooting range. No other training exercise at the police academy requires more focus and precision than handling firearms.
Not only must recruits learn on proper weapon handling, posture and finger placement, they must also learn to make spur of the moment decisions which often end in life or death. Many police academy recruits have never handled a weapon before.  Their knowledge of firearms is next to none, especially in metropolitan areas where hunting is uncommon.
Many recruits are …